A mystery wrapped in illusion and veiled in secret, the only thing more intriguing than the scientist's hut is the scientist himself.

The Kvasir's Lab is a location featured in RAGE. It is situated in the Northern Wasteland and is found in the middle of the territory called Kvasir's Chasm.

It is the home to Doctor Antonin Kvasir. The Kvasir's Lab used to be an Ark vault, most likely the one he was in when 99942 Apophis hit, that is now covered in his scientific studies and projects. It can be reached by using a folding bridge carried by a Resistance balloon.

There is a Stanley Express Mailbox nearby that is used to deliver mail packages during the side mission "Northern Express", and a Desert Spore can be found to the left of the entrance.

Collector Cards[]

  • Sentry Bot — outside, on the left of the bridge next to a rock.

Associated quests[]