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The Kraken is a special mutant featured in RAGE, being one of the three unique mutants; the others are the Giant Mutant and Large Mutant. It is a tentacle beast residing in various locations in the Wasteland.

The Kraken is a large and powerful mutant. It is usually encountered with a small army of normal-sized mutant grunts, but can also appear in pairs and make the fight even more hellish.


The Kraken has two main attacks: whipping the opponents with their tentacle and charging at them in a straight line at high speed. They are also capable of spewing possibly corrosive bile at them. All attacks deal high damage and can drop the opponents with roughly three hits.

Oddly enough, the best way to fight a Kraken is close up with a shotgun. This will break its attack. However, the player still needs to time their shots correctly or they will die very quickly. If they have a Rocket Launcher, they shouldn't hesitate to use it. It should be noted that with Krakens and the groups that come with them, there is no such thing as overkill. Sentry Turrets and Bots also help draw its attention, especially if the player is going "shotgun surgeon."

Another (relatively) easy way to kill a Kraken is to unload a full magazine of Pop Rockets from an upgraded Combat Shotgun at it. Assuming every shot is a hit, it's a guaranteed kill even on the Hard difficulty.


Kraken mutants are found in Mutant Bash TV and Dead City in the Northern Wasteland, and in the Blue Line Station in the Eastern Wasteland.

They are encountered both in the Campaign quests and the Wasteland Legends co-op missions:


  • According to some early concepts, the Kraken mutant model was modeled without helmet and possessing both arms. This model was created by Kenneth Scott, an artist who worked in the preproduction of RAGE. This concept was remodeled using another artist's concept, the "Chainwhip Overseer". Later on the tentacle arm and the helmet were added.