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Junkers Pass Ark is an Ark in RAGE 2.


This is the second Ark after Vineland’s primary Ark, also known as Ark 416a. The player will have to face this time a group of bandits known as Goons (their difficulty it set to 2nd) to have access to it. The player will gain a new ability that’s called Id-Accession: Shatter, which is a forward lunge that unleashes a powerful kinetic force capable of stripping armor and displacing enemies and objects. The player should either tap a customized button to unleash a quick Shatter or use Focus + customized button.

The Ark has one Ark Chest and six Storage Containers nearby.

Intel: The Arks were cryogenic survival shelters for the elite and their equipment. The people are gone, but some still house experimental Nanotrite Powers and powerful Ark Tek Weapons.


The location of this Ark can be located in the Twisting Canyons region.