Foreman Jones is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Subway Town and apparently is a head of the Jones Construction Co.

He is heading up the Subway Town expansion project and requires Nicholas Raine to clear out Blue Line Station during the quest "Foreman Jones" because the mutants are most likely to cause the expansion project shutdown unless someone stops them. He will thank and reward Raine with some cash and tell Mayor Redstone that the mission is accomplished after the station is secured.

Later on he is not mentioned or seen anywhere, and the area where he once was has been sealed due to the expansion project being carried out by Subway Town. With some of his workers dead after the Shrouded Clan attack on the station, and Finn together with another worker at the disposal of the Authority, he is likely to be quite busy himself taking an active part in the expansion of Subway Town due to his lack of workers.

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