Subway Town

The Job Boards are the local community boards featured in RAGE. They are only found in the biggest settlements in the Wasteland, namely in Wellspring in the Northern Wasteland and Subway Town in the Eastern Wasteland.

When quests are available, the Job Board sign will flash red. There are different jobs that will be available upon first visiting the settlements, and more will be added after some main storyline progress is made. With the Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC, optional "Clean the *** Sewers" jobs will be offered after completing the corresponding "Visit *** Sewers" missions, and the protagonist will be awarded $100 for each sewer mission completed.

In Wellspring the local Job Board is found in the Promenade, right in front of the "Outfitters". Easiest way to get there from the Courtyard is to go past "Second Chance" and the "Jackpots" sign. In Subway Town, it is found in the main street on the ground floor, not far from the Saul's Garage, in front of the "Fez" bar.

Associated quests[]

"Mutant Menace" "Bounty Hunter"
"Stolen Merchandise" "Eviction Notice"
"Caravan Cover" "Help Wanted"
"Missing Person"
"The Exchange"
"A Proposition"
"Clean the *** Sewers"