The Jetter ATV, or Jetter for short, is a vehicle featured in RAGE. There are two types of the ATV in the game: the settler Jetter that is available after the Prologue, and its bandit counterpart. The ATV is weak, and also lacks the cars' speed, but it's quite maneuverable.

The Jetter can not be customized with themes or upgrades, and since it's basically just a starter vehicle present to introduce the player to driving, it lacks weapons and armor as well. The settler Jetter has a skull with wings painted on each side of it, and there are prongs to a fork lift on the front that could be used as a battering ram. The bandit version features horns on the front and spiked tires.

The settler version is available after accepting the quest "Quell the Bandit Threat". The bandit version can only be obtained during the quest "Find the Buggy Parts" and will be replaced by the settler version later on.


  • The Jetter is the only vehicle without a roof or doors, therefore it is sometimes possible for the player to see Nicholas Raine.
  • The Jetter is the only vehicle that can be used to get the Field Goals required for the Achievement/Trophy "It's Good!".
  • The Bandit Jetter cannot be accessed via your garage, making it unobtainable once you get your Dune Buster.
  • While the Jetter can be accessed from Mick's Garage, it can't actually be rode into town.
  • The Jetter does not provide enough propulsion to reach any Vehicle Jumps.
  • If the Jetter is destroyed while roaming the Wasteland, it will respawn in Durar Hagar's workshop.


  • The Jetter is possibly named after its hilarious ability to jettison the protagonist at a high-speed collision.


Bandit Jetter[]

Settler Jetter[]