Jackpots game

Jackpots is a minigame featured in RAGE, available only through the RAGE: The Scorchers DLC. It looks and plays like usual casino Video Poker, giving the player five cards to random shuffle through with the ability to hold up to all of them. The more the player bets, the higher each of the prizes are worth.

The Jackpots machines can be found in the "Jackpots" located in Wellspring.


  • This minigame is by far the most realistic of all the minigames available in RAGE.
  • Getting four of a kind unlocks the "Foursome" Achievement/Trophy.

POSSIBLE BUG? Jackpots game shows only 4 cards. The 5th is hidden, but still factors into the final hand.

EDIT: ^ Bug confirmed as at 01/03/18. What proves it is a bug is Alt-Tabbing after every deal allows you to view the 5th card.

Try first: Disable Texture Detail. This should work!


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