From deep inside Jackal Canyon, in the dead of night, you can hear the howling. These howls are the signature call of The Jackal clan. Believed to be part man and part animal, Jackal Canyon is their home, and they defend it to the death.

The Jackal Canyon is a location featured in RAGE. Found in the Eastern Wasteland, in the Jackal Territory, part of the quest "Ark Equipment". Occupied by the Jackal Clan part man and part animal, the jackals are a savage group of hunters. They are not a technologically advanced clan and their only invention is a simple explosive attached to a red balloon called Balloon Bombs.

The Jackal Canyon is a deep valley surrounded by tall cliffs, on the rocks above the canyon lies a wrecked ship. Pieces of its coating and inner structure were used by the clan to build their huts, bridges and the extensive zipline system they use to reach different areas of the canyon quickly and without effort. Stuck in a cave at the bottom of the canyon lie the wreck of a recently emerged Ark which despite containing an intact Decrypter, has no trace left from its residents whose considering the location could be reasonably presumed dead.

There are a few stashes of Dynamite Bolts, some Feltrite Crystals, Night Blossoms and varieties of ingedients and Small Objects.


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A panoramic view of the Jackal canyon ziplines