“Hit 'em hard, soldier!”
―Portman, to the protagonist

Jack Portman is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Subway Town and a member of the Resistance. Apparently an experienced soldier, it is unknown whether he is an Ark Survivor like most of the other Resistance members.

Portman is found in the Subway Town Resistance Base. A few pieces of his remarks hint that he is involved in some Resistance combat actions. He usually is found working with the Resistance plans on attacking the Authority strongholds at his terminal. Portman appears to be a rather friendly and open-minded person and is the one who rewards Nicholas Raine with the Authority Pulse Cannon, the most powerful handheld weapon in RAGE, in the latest stages of the game.

It is interesting that he, along with Elizabeth Cadence and John Marshall, was absent after completing the main campaign of RAGE, suggesting that either they retreated from the base or simply captured.


“Blowing stuff up and hitting the Authority where it hurts. That's my game. Now if you're as good as Elizabeth says you are, you and I will get along finely.”
―Jack Portman, to the protagonist.


  • Jack Portman is the tactics, heavy weapons and explosives specialist of the Resistance


  • Portman is also the name of one of the characters in the Doom movie.


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