J.K. Stiles is a character featured in RAGE and RAGE 2. He is the host of the Mutant Bash show, the most popular show in the Wasteland made in the Mutant Bash TV location in the Northern Wasteland.

After Nicholas Raine provides him with a sufficiently good "show" during the quest "Mutant Bash TV", he agrees to sponsor him during Dusty 8 Sponsored Event races in Wellspring. He then offers the quest "The Re-Run" to him, which is the continuous event in the game that may be used by the players to obtain a considerable amount of money. In RAGE: The Scorchers, he will assist the protagonist in acquiring a ticket to Oasis for Clive in the quests "Ticket to Oasis" and "Mutant Bash Canyon".

He also makes appearance in the Wasteland Legends co-op missions, namely in the "Season 1: Pilot" and "Extermination" legends.


  • Among the books that can be found throughout the Wasteland, there is one titled "J.K. Stiles: The Legend". Whether this is an autobiography released by Stiles himself or not is unknown.
  • After beating the first episode of Mutant Bash TV he will give you his collector card.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to some early concepts by artist Ben Olson, the character's earliest depiction was extremely obese and with atrophied legs, constantly strapped to mechanical chair. This design helped to construct the character later.


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