Iris was and old Rangers defector, and the leader and prophet of the Ghosts.


There isn't much data about Iris's history, only her words and records. It appears she was once a Ranger leader, which lose her newborn daughter, Jane, a half-caste, to an unknown illness. The loss affected her greatly, and she became very radical. Opposing the Rangers' isolationism, she advocated to share the Nanotrites powers with everybody in the Wastelands.

Her ideas weren't approved, and she received a combat mission, during the Authority Wars, far from Vineland. But, in secret, she continued planning the application of her idea, and managed to convince all her unit members to follow her. Iris planned to enhace her team's Nanotrites powers and, after proving their success, force the Rangers to aply her ideas. However, the plan didn't go as she expected, as the Rangers separated of her team and send her to a combat mission, promising to judge her after she returns. She was apparently killed in battle, and a group of Ghosts take her to make a sacrifice, in Overgrown City.

Iris was to be executed when crushed a Ghost using her Nanotrite abilities. The other Bandits fell to their knees, revering her. Under the name of ''The Dead one'', she became the new leader and godess. Seeing her opportunity, Iris began to experiment with the Ghosts, to realize her ideal.

Events of Rage 2[]

Thanks to her position outside of the Rangers, Iris survived the Assault on Vineland. Though she expected the group's destruction, feel the loss anyway. After uncovering the last Ranger's survival, attracted Walker to a trap with a fake help call from a woman of a ''recent emerged Ark'', but the Ranger only find dead Bandits around it, and no survivors. When attempted to exploit the Ark's Nanotrite injectors, he was captured.

The Ghosts took Walker to the prison on Overgrown City, where Iris attempted to recruit WAlker for his cause. When the acptive accused her of mutate her old ranger unit, she, furious, wounded him throwing him a Wingstick. Walker used it later to escape of the prison, liberatin Overgrown's resistance laeder, Keenan.

Together, they fought back against the Ghosts, uncovering Iris secret plans: to launch rockets loaded with feltrite, to expose all the Wasteland's people to it, forcing them to accept Nanotrites on blood to survive. After assaulting the Ghost's Cathedral, blowing the rockets fuel, Iris finally engaged Walker, but failed to kill him and was forced to flee.

Iris, enraged, throw a group of Ghosts against the civilian settement, the Metro Station, killing most of its residents, but Walker killed the attackers and saved Keenan and the others.


The final battle between Iris and Walker was on her space control center, where she had her rockets prepared for launch. Walker arrived to the building's roof after killing all Ghosts on their way. Iris engaged Walker on a terrific battle, but her abilities cannot defeat the young ranger. Walker, along with remote asistance of Keenan, managed to stop the launching. The dying Iris throw a wingstick at Walker from his back, but he catch him.

In her last moments, Iris wished luck to Walker, and ask him a favor from ranger to ranger: than he stay with her until the end. Walker agreed, looking the rising sun until Iris finally died.

Her death left the Ghosts leaderless, and Walker, again, as the last confirmed ranger alive.