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Below is the list of ingredients used to create different engineering items in RAGE. Ingredients can be found throughout the Wasteland, obtained as a quest reward or bought from vendors. They can also be looted from fallen enemies and Authority drones smashed during Vehicle Jumps.

Some engineering items are used as ingredients, and some ingredients can be used as a standalone item. All ingredients require Nicholas Raine to have certain schematic in order to craft the corresponding engineering item. Although some ingredients are only used in a single schematic, many of them are used in multiple schematics.

Item Schematic
Antiseptic Formula Bandages
Bandages Adrenaline Overdrive, Apophis Infusion, Regenerative Infusion
Buckshot Pop Rockets
Cloth Rags Bandages
Comet Bloom Regenerative Infusion
Desert Spore Apophis Infusion
Electrical Wire Kit Authority Augmenter, EMP Grenades, Lock Grinder, Sentry Bot, Sentry Turret, Wingstick
Explosive Pack Fat Mammas, Dynamite Bolts, Mind Control Bolts, Pop Rockets, RC Bomb Car
Fatboys Fat Mammas
Feltrite Coupler Authority Augmenter
Feltrite Power Pack Authority Augmenter, EMP Grenades
Hardware Packet Lock Grinder, Sentry Bot, Wingstick
HE Grenade EMP Grenades
Ghost Toxin Mind Control Bolts
Mutant Adrenal Gland Adrenaline Overdrive, Mind Control Bolts
Nanotrite Conduit Authority Augmenter, RC Bomb Car, Sentry Bot, Sentry Turret
Night Blossom Adrenaline Overdrive, Apophis Infusion, Regenerative Infusion
Ordnance Pack Sentry Bot, Sentry Turret
RC Car Kit RC Bomb Car
Small Battery Pack RC Bomb Car, Sentry Bot, Sentry Turret
Small Gears Lock Grinder
Steel Blades Wingstick
Steel-tipped Bolts Dynamite Bolts, Mind Control Bolts
Turret Barrel Sentry Turret
Vial of Blueshine Regenerative Infusion
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