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The Hyper-Cannon is a weapon featured in RAGE 2.


The Hyper-Cannon can be fired with a single trigger pull, but when aimed, it can be charged before firing for added power. Best used as a first strike weapon over range.


  • Location of this weapon can be found at 'Greenhaven Ark' located in the The Wilds region.


  • Level 2: Speedy Reload/Cartridge Capacity
  • Level 3: Armor Breaker Shockwave
  • Level 4: Rapid Fire/Charge Efficiency
  • Level 5: Weapon Mastery

Unlock GuideEdit

  1. Unlock the Icarus or take a Hover Boat.
  2. Head as far North as you can go within the The Wilds region.
  3. Fight through Authority mutant soldiers.
  4. A Cyber Crusher will fall from the sky.
  5. Now that the Cyber Crusher is dead, head into the Ark and obtain the Hyper-Cannon.
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