"Hijacked Well" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Carlson in Wellspring. It is available after completing the mini quest "The Wellmaster".


I was in the Well inspecting some equipment when the Ghost Clan started ransacking the place.
I barely made it out alive, and now they are threatening to poison the water supply with some Toxin and you can't let that happen. Here take these Electro-Bolts, if you see bandits standing in water then shoot the water for a shock.
Get that Toxin to me, or we're all as good as dead.


  • Stop the Ghost Clan from poisoning the Well
    • Enter the Well in Wellspring
    • Stop the Ghost Clan from poisoning the Well
    • Take the Toxin up to Carlson


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When you enter the Well, Jerry is found there sitting next to the corpse of his fellow worker. He'll warn you about the bandits around the corner. Loot the body and advance forward. Once you see one of the Ghosts, use an Electro Bolt. One shot will kill both of them. Head down and deal with some Ghosts in the room to the right who are doing something really nasty to a dead worker's body ("I've got some flesh stuck in my teeth…"). If you use Electro Bolt on one of them, you'll have enough time to switch ammo / weapon before the others come back to their senses. Once done with them, loot the bodies and pick up whatever is useful in the room.

Head down the corridor and dispatch a Ghost who will rush you soon after you leave the room. There are some stairs and a ladder to the left, but first pick up the Small Gears at the end of the area as well as some Small Objects next to the broken drainage gate. Once up the ladder, head to the end of the short corridor and to the right. There are some Ghosts down there eating another dead body, so dispatch the cannibals and loot the bodies. Follow the stairs down, grind the locked door to the left and grab the loot. Leave the room and continue to the area ahead of you, but be careful: once you're close to the entrance, a few Ghosts will appear there. Deal with them, advance forward, and deal with another Ghost who will rush you from the ramp above. Head up the stairs and follow the route. There will be more Ghosts, and when you come closer to the wall with the number "28" on it, a Ghost AR will appear from the passage ahead and take cover behind the pillar, while a Bonestick rushes you from behind.

Head up the stairs, and don't miss a Wingstick to the left. Advance to the room with a Ghost shrine of sorts (a pile of bodies on a platform in the center of the room) and watch for a Ghost above. Pick up the loot on the shelves and head towards the open gate. It will close right in front of you, and a few Ghosts will rush you from behind, so be prepared. The door will then open to let some reinforcements through, and when you're done with them and enter the familiar room, one more Bonestick will appear from the left. Follow the route, and soon an AR will appear and take cover behind the pillar, and a few Bonesticks will rush you from behind. Deal with them, continue forward, and when you're behind the last turn, more Bonesticks will rush you.

There is a room ahead with some loot, and also some Ghosts. An AR will shoot you from cover while Bonesticks rush you (watch for the grenades). Once done, pick up the loot from the shelves and take a look at the currently inaccessible room behind the hole in the wall — it's where the Drop Mine card is — and continue down the stairs. There are some Ghosts below, so you might want to crouch and pick off a few of them. Stick to the staircase until you dispatch all of them then head down there, and don't miss the ladder to the left that will take you to the Drop Mine card and some other loot. Once done, continue forward and down the stairs. Wait until the Ghost guards down below are close to each other, and use an Electro Bolt. Wait a little longer for another Ghost to appear above the water at the dead end, and dispatch him too. Head down the stairs and prepare to deal with some Bonesticks that will rush you. There is a corridor to the right that leads to the now closed gate. Deal with the Ghost ARs taking cover there, and the gate will open.

There are more Ghosts behind the gate. One will block the way while the others throw their bonesticks and shoot. Deal with them and use the switch to open the gate, but more of them will come and block the gate again. Repeat the last step, and don't let them use the switch on their side this time. Electro Bolts might prove handy since they freeze the enemies in place for some time and allow you to pick them off. Once you're on the other side of the gate they'll stop coming, so feel free to loot the bodies and then head up the stairs.

Once you're there, you will hear sounds of a fight, which means that the Wellspring City Guards are close. Pick up two sets of Feltrite Crystals to the left and move on. Watch Valder dispatches the Ghost ahead, then pick up the loot and head down the stairs. Follow Valder and join the guards at the closed gate. Kill some Ghosts, and the gate will open, letting you through to the area. Move there, and once you're near the platform the Ghosts will stop coming, you only have to deal with the ones that are already in there. Valder and the guards — if they survived the fight — will stay there, so take your time to come back through the gate and to the right and pick up the Valder card along with some ammo in the dead end. When done, grab the toxin from a metal device and use the switch to the right to take the small platform up. Head up the stairs, and don't miss a small dark room ahead: there are some Pinkies inside that will bring you $100. Head up the stairs again, and use the long ladder to get to the exit hatch above.

Once outside, you'll be greeted by Jake and some other residents (Benjamin will thank you, and Steward will give a thumb's up) on your way to Carlson, and Clayton will comment on the mission's success over the speakers. Once at "Wellmasters", show Carlson the toxin to complete the quest, and you will then be given the mini quest "Talk to Carlson" which you can complete right away.


  • The only time when you're able to visit the Well is during this quest, so be sure to grab the Drop Mine card and the Valder card before leaving.
  • Completing the Well in the campaign gets you the Achievement/Trophy "Wellness Plan".
  • Every Collector Card picked up counts towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Gotta Have 'em All".
  • Hijacked Well is the first quest to be represented at E3 2010, before the game fully released.