"Help Wanted" is a Job Board quest in RAGE acquired by the protagonist from the Job Board in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Gearhead Vault".


The Authority are setting up an outpost in the old Gearhead Vault!
Isn't that great? Well… actually there are better places to live than the old Gearhead Vault, right? Perhaps, someone, could kindly suggest they look for a better spot. You could even shut down their Mobile Generators to help them pack!
Help the Authority shut down their Mobile Generators to earn the standard movers fee.


  • Return to the Gearhead Vault and shut down the Authority's Mobile Generators
    • Return to the Gearhead Vault
    • Locate and neutralize the first Authority Mobile Generator
    • Locate and neutralize the second Authority Mobile Generator
    • Locate and neutralize the third Authority Mobile Generator


Tip: You're gonna meet the Authority troops, so consider equipping appropriately. Also, read the "Doom room" article for the details on how to open a secret room, and "Gearhead Vault" for the Collector Cards details, if you missed all that before.
Rage Help Wanted start.jpg
The 1st mobile generator
2011-10-15 00092.jpg
The 2nd mobile generator
The 3rd mobile generator

The level has been changed somewhat, and there is less to explore. Check the previously locked room — there might be some loot present — and carefully head up the stairs. The area ahead contains a Authority Drone and three Enforcers who are happy to see you. (Note that it's possible to take them all out stealthily to keep the place relatively peaceful a little longer.) Push through the parking lot to find two EMP Grenades on a crate, and a Sentry Turret linked to a power supply unit a little further. If you approached following the wall to the left, the turret's still inactive and you're free to choose what to do next. It might be best to get behind the cover to the right of the passage to safely take out the first mobile generator. This will alert the enemies, so quickly return back to the left, or advance forward and to the right. When properly covered, you could use a grenade on the Shield Guard who comes running down the slope, but he's accompanied by an Enforcer, so think fast.

Head up the slope, through the wrecked parking lot and up the slope again to the old bank entrance where you might find a drone hovering around (or two, if you didn't pick off the first one). An Enforcer is hanging around the ATMs, one more is a little further, and another one will arrive together with a Shield Guard if you make some noise, though it's possible to stealth the first two and the second power supply unit. There are also some more EMP Grenades on the right just before the entrance, and be sure to loot the ATMs on your way, as they have been refilled with cash.

You'll be taking this level in reverse (sort of) to the last time, so continue down the corridor and in the next room you'll meet four Enforcers — three down low and one up high. Note that it's possible to stealth the three right from the end of the corridor before they discover your position, falling back when needed. Move up the stairs to pick off the last one. In the room where the propellers were there's an Enforcer, and another one in the next corridor. Head down the corridor into the area with the computers where you'll find the final power generator and two Shield Guards. A grenade on the power supply might catch one of the guards, if you're lucky — two birds with one stone and all that, — but deal with them as you see fit. Once done, use the computers to open the secret Doom room, if you haven't already, and head all the way back to Subway Town.


  • It's possible to stealth the level to the very end, without being shot or even seen by all the enemies except for the ones that guard the last generator.


The generator itself have been broken, but look at the power flows on the floor. And the last objective is still active.
  • PC PS3 There is a glitch that you may encounter. If you leave the last generator operational and scout the route past it, when the game music eventually changes to a more peaceful one, once you go back to destroy the generator, nothing will happen when you do so. The last objective — "Locate and neutralize the third Authority Mobile Generator" — will remain active. If you didn't save the game prior to leaving the generator, you will have to restart the quest.