“General Cross one stood for hope. All of us believed in him, until the Enforcers started showing up. Then people went missing. I tell you, its wrong. Martin Cross and the Authority, they don't stand for hope, they stand for fear.”
―Halden, commenting on the recent actions of the Authority

Halden is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Subway Town.

He spends most of his time loitering around in "Fez" bar, although he can also be found outside the Subway Town Speedway. He is often seen with a book, despite the in-game description of Books, saying that nobody in the Wasteland reads.

Following the presence of the Authority in Subway Town, Halden becomes very suspicious of their actual intent, following the disappearance of several Subway Town citizens.

He has no significant interactions with Nicholas Raine.


  • He, Abbott, and Tuffy are three of the few mute characters encountered by Nicholas Raine.
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