The Hagar Settlement is a location featured in RAGE. This small town is the first settlement that Nicholas Raine encounters, following his escape from Ark 437a. It is centered in the Hagar Territory.

A prime example of post-apocalypse survival, Dan Hagar and his clan of savvy settlers manage a contentious neutrality between all Wasteland factions that even the Swiss would admire.


Before 99942 Apophis hit the Earth, it was just a gas station with a garage and store near it. Several decades later, Dan Hagar and his clan of settlers, including members of his own family, found the station. From there, they created a small settlement. Unlike most of the other settlements, the Hagar Settlement maintains a truce with several nearby settlements, such as the Outriggers and Wellspring

The settlement features several different structures, all of which are meant to prepare the protagonist with any necessary equipment. Halek Hagar runs the general store, where he sells some basic equipment. Nearby the general store is "Ray's Oasis", where some of the first major quests are given. Just outside is Loosum Hagar, who teaches the protagonist to use Wingsticks. Near Loosum is Durar Hagar's garage, where the player eventually gets his Dune Buster. Finally is are the Hagar Caves, which are located behind Ray's Oasis. This part of the setllement is restricted to The Scorchers, and can only be accessed through purchase of the DLC.


Associated quests[]