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The Hagar Caves are a location featured in RAGE: The Scorchers. They make up a diverse system of caves under the Hagar Settlement, accessed through a door next to the "Ray's Oasis" garage.

It is infested with Mutants and Scorcher clansmen who are trying to presumably sink the Settlement through explosives use and mining while also attempting to mine for Feltrite Crystals. The protagonist, with the help of Sarah, must rid the caves of these clansmen and mutants in order to survive and save the settlement.

Associated quests[]


The location of the AR

  • Inside the caves, players can find the Settler Assault Rifle. Seeing as how this quest can be taken early on, picking up the AR is a great alternative to purchasing one from Halek Hagar.
  • This is the first location visited in RAGE: The Scorchers.
  • Upon approaching the entrance to the Caves, Mutants can be heard screeching. This continues even after completing the quest "Rumbles in the Dark".
  • The cave can only be accessed after the player returns to the Hagar Settlement and speaks to Dan Hagar upon completing the quest "Quell the Bandit Threat".
  • The Hagar Caves bear some resemblance to the Abandoned Distillery Caves.
  • Once Dan Hagar leaves the settlement, the caves will become inaccessible.
    • Additionally, completing the "Rumbles in the Dark" quest will also render the Caves inaccessible.