The town of Gunbarrel

Gunbarrel is a trade town located in the Torn Plains region in RAGE 2, and previously mentioned in RAGE. It is a town in the Wasteland that has recently opened trading routes leading to Wellspring. It is located to the south of the Northern Wasteland, in the Southern Territories

In RAGE, after Raine secures the future of the Hagar Settlement and leaves to the town of Wellspring, Dan Hagar also leaves the settlement on a trip to Gunbarrel and is never seen by the protagonist again. Mayor Clayton also has interest in Gunbarrel and regularly mentions the trading agreement between Gunbarrel and Wellspring over the town's speaker system. Sheriff Black arranges the shipments that go to the Southern Territories and is always glad to have a helping hand in defending the caravans that leave Wellspring, hence the Job Board quest "Caravan Cover".

RAGE 2[]

Gunbarrel has been around for a long time but has taken it's share of knocks and bruises over the years. A dedicated trade town, it services the southern Wasteland and is an active member of the Trade Coalition.


  • Clawhand Mechanics - Car Shop
  • McDuff General Store - General store
  • Chad's Reliable Information - Information Broker


  • In RAGE, although the town is mentioned by various people throughout the game such as Clayton, Nicholas Raine is never given the opportunity to actually travel to it himself.
  • Judging by the name of the town, it's possible that some weapons in RAGE are made there.
  • Its name may be a reference to Gun Barrel City, Texas.
  • Some of the old highway signs that still stand between the Northern Watch Tower and the Authority Prison show the name Gunbarrel.

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