"Grab the Crossbow" is a mini quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Dan Hagar in the Hagar Settlement. It is available after completing the quest "Resupply Dan Hagar".


I always payback favors so I want you to have my pride and joy.
Take the Striker Crossbow off the wall here. It's not your typical crossbow, it has twice the the punch and no one will hear you.
Go ahead, and grab the Crossbow.


  • Grab the Striker Crossbow from the wall


After you return to the Hagar Settlement with the supplies needed to ensure its future, the quest "Resupply Dan Hagar" will be finished. Right after that this quest will be given to you. It is a very simple quest. Just do as it says and grab the crossbow.

After the mission is completed, leave the Hagar Settlement with the "Wellspring Bound" mission.


  • No main storyline progress is possible without completing this mini quest first.
  • After this mini quest is completed, it will disappear from your dossier permanently.