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A Goon (right), depicted on the RAGE 2 boxart

The Goons are a bandit clan featured in RAGE 2.

They are perhaps the most prominent bandit clan featured in RAGE 2 advertising; they are the bright-haired neon bandits that enjoy colorful guns, sports, and mayhem.


The Goon Squad are the successors of the Wasted Clan from the first game. Initially they were a little gang, but in some date prior to 2165, they became incredibly powerful, armed with heavy weaponry and vehicles, and began growing forcibly incorporating other gangs, stablishing everywhere in the Wasteland, puting roadblocks, and cutting the communications between the cities. Only later is revealed than, in fact, they were pawns of the Authority, which was arming them to sow the chaos. They also helped to cover the Authority's presence, as some of their bases, like Goliath Base, were hid behind a Goon Squad base.


  • Assaulter
  • Shotgunner
  • Shielder
  • Rocketeer
  • Gunner