A view on the bridge to the Ghost Hideout

The Ghost Territory is a territory featured in RAGE. It is located within the Northern Wasteland. It is one of the first territories Nicholas Raine accesses in the game, and he will be visiting it a few more times later on.

This extensive area is controlled by the Ghost Clan. It is the second largest territory in the Northern Wasteland, and the fourth largest overall.

It starts at the road leading out of the Hagar Territory and to the north. There are two Vehicle Jumps in the area, the Steiger's tent and the Ark Area Sewers hatch near the center, as well as the ramp leading to the Dam Facility. At the end of the road are the firework launcher and Stanley Express Mailbox, and also a Comet Bloom is known to grow there. The bridge that leads to the Ghost Hideout, the territory's most notable landmark, is at the end of the territory.

Associated quests[]