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A view of The Rutherford upon approaching it

The Ghost Hideout, also known as "The Rutherford", is a location featured in RAGE. It is found in the Ghost Territory in the Northern Wasteland. This old hotel, now mostly reduced to rubble, is inhabited by the Ghost Clan and has retained a good amount of pre-impact furniture and statues.

Nicholas Raine must clear the area of hostiles during the first quest given by Dan Hagar, "Quell the Bandit Threat", and essentially repeat the act later during the Job Board quest "Missing Person".

Locked doors: 1


The accessible areas of the hotel are very few, compared to the size of the building. From the entrance and to the left is a "dead-end" area that otherwise can only be accessed via a zipline from above. To the right is a somewhat sophisticated route to the area the clan members inhabit, and from here on the protagonist will meet some Ghosts.

The locked door that needs a Lock Grinder to be open and has the Ghost Pistol Collector Card behind it is at the beginning of a corridor that leads to the hotel's foyer and continues further to the twin torches where the Ghost Bonestick card is, and to the room with an id logo Modern Art statue and the Ghost Boss card behind it. When exiting the room, there is a route to the right that leads back to the twin torches and can be used as a fast way back, and a short corridor to the left that leads to a kind of well-like inner yard with a giant statue in the center of it; there the protagonist is trapped during the "Quell the Bandit Threat" mission. And basically, these are all the accessible areas of the building.

During the first visit to the Ghost Hideout, and never again, the protagonist is scripted to be taken to the other area of the building that is otherwise inaccessible. That area is a part of a damaged floor high above the ground and consists of quite a few different rooms and corridors connected mostly by holes in weathered and broken down walls. When the protagonist escapes being slain and just starts to fight his way out, he exits the "Killing Room" which is possibly the Ghost Clan shrine with the clan symbols all over the walls and a lot of dead bodies stacked inside. From there, the way leads through a ruined bedroom and to an open area which most likely was once a roomy suite but now is stripped of the outer and most of the inner walls. To the right is the Wolfenstein room Easter egg, and to the left is an intricated way through the debris that leads to the well-like inner yard with the giant statue mentioned above. On the other side of the well are some lootable vending machines, more holes in the walls, both passable and small ones that can be used for picking up enemies, and damaged stairs that lead to the point where are a few more vending machines and the one-way zipline route that ends down at the aforementioned "dead end" close to the exit from the building.

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The apartments linking up with the Dead City.

  • The apartments the Ghost Hideout are in make up part of the Dead City as the Dead City skyline can be seen connecting with the apartments. This can be seen right before going on the bridge leading into the hideout.