"Gaining Influence" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by John Marshall in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Subway Town" and mini-quest "Talk to Captain Marshall".


Find out what Redstone needs and do it, otherwise you're as good as dead.
Redstone walks a fine line keeping the Authority at bay and dealing with us. You'll have to be extra careful around him, he'd sell you out in heartbeat if you aren't useful. So gain Redstone's trust and we can go after the Authority.
Come back and see me once you've made friends with Redstone.


  • Speak with Redstone
  • Help Foreman Jones
  • Return to Redstone
  • Infiltrate Gearhead Vault
  • Inform Redstone of Failure
  • Infiltrate Power Plant
  • Return to Redstone
  • See Marshall in the Resistance Base


After speaking to Redstone the protagonist will be given the quest "Foreman Jones" which will take him to Foreman Jones. In turn, Jones will give him the quest "Mutant Expansion".

Upon returning to Redstone, the protagonist must then complete the quest "Gearhead Vault". That mission ends unsatisfactorily for Redstone, who then sends Raine to the Power Plant with the quest "The Price of Power", which in turn optionally involves "Monarch Needed" and "Starky's Monarch".

On completing this long chain of quests return to Marshall, speak to Mark Lassard, and you're all wrapped up.