Gabe is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Subway Town. He can initially be found near the top of the stairs that lead to the Redstone's office area.

He is a business associate of Dietrich, and will direct Nicholas Raine to him after the completion of quest "Mutant Expansion". He is found at "Fez" when the Authority steps into the town, and will tell the protagonist that "the winds of change are blowing". This quote makes him appear rather metaphorical. Interacting with him again, he will mention that he's heard a word around that the Resistance is making big moves around the entire Wasteland and that something is going to happen soon, by the way he speaks.

After destroying the authority bridge, Gabe is seen in a corner, near to the entry of Subway Town. He is lying on the ground, curled up in a ball with his eyes open. It is possible the Authority broke his mind, or he is exhausted and has nowhere else to rest.


  • Besides the black color of his clothing, he shares the same character model as Kidd and Hunter.
  • Gabe is voiced by the American actor Matt Jones (IMDb).


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