If General Cross thinks he can make us believe that crap by threatening us with Enforcers, he can think again.
Friday, commenting on the Authority's presence in Subway Town.

Friday is a minor character featured in RAGE.



Nothing is known of Friday's early life. She is a resident of Subway Town, and can often be found around the settlement expressing her dislike for the Authority and the Gearheads.

Events of RAGE[]

In 2135, when Nicholas Raine first arrives in Subway Town, Friday initially appears to be distrustful of the newcomer and warns him that "smart people keep a low profile" in the community.

Following completion of the "Mutant Expansion" quest, she will compliment Raine's ability at fighting mutants, but warns him not to upset the Gearheads, a local bandit clan.

During "The Price of Power" quest, Nicholas clears out the Power Plant of Gearheads and diverts power back to Subway Town. Afterwards, Friday will thank Raine and tell him to watch out for himself, as she would be upset to see him get captured by the Authority.

Later when the Authority occupies Subway Town, she will be angry and tell Nicholas that if General Martin Cross thinks he can scare them by putting some Enforcers around, he should think again.

Appearance and personality[]

Friday in Subway Town.

Friday is a light-skinned female with a slim build and brown eyes. She wears a leather helmet that almost fully covers her head and face, though she appears to have brown hair. She wears a black bra beneath a leather vest, with a knee-length skirt. She wears leather gloves with metal guards attached, similar to the ones she has attached to her boots.

Friday is depicted as something of an anti-authoritarian. She has developed an intense dislike for the Authority due to their oppressive tactics, and initially appears suspicious of Raine, perhaps believing him to be an agent of the Authority. After Nicholas earns the trust of the community, Friday is shown to be supportive of and grateful for his actions.


  • Friday was voiced by Tara Strong, who also provided the voice for Elizabeth Cadence.
  • Friday is never seen without her face-mask, which she likely wears to combat the dust that comes with living underground.
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