“If General Cross thinks he can make us believe that crap by threatening us with Enforcers, he can think again.”
―Friday, commenting on the Authority's presence in Subway Town.

Friday is a character featured in RAGE. She is a resident of Subway Town. She seems to strongly dislike the Gearhead Clan and the Authority.


When Nicholas Raine first encounters her in Subway Town, she initially distrusts Nicholas and tells him that smart people keep a low profile around here. After completing the quest "Mutant Expansion", she will tell Raine that he is good at fighting mutants but if he pisses of any Gearheads, he would be in big trouble. After helping Subway Town transfer the power grid from the Gearheads to them, she will thank the protagonist and ask him to watch himself for she will hate to see him leave should he get caught by the Authority.

Later when the Authority steps to Subway Town, she will be angry and tell Nicholas that if General Cross thinks he can scare them by putting some Enforcers around, he should think again thus showing her hatred towards the Authority.

Like most women in RAGE, Friday's outfit is quite revealing. Friday wears a black bikini top, a jacket which she keeps opened, armored gloves and boots, and a brown knee-length skirt. Friday also wears a face mask for an unknown reason.


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