"Foreman Jones" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Mayor Redstone in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Subway Town" and mini quest "Talk to Captain Marshall" and making a minimum progress in the quest "Gaining Influence".


This is my place, my town, and every bastard here answers to me. What I want, they do.
So Marshall says you're the type that gets things done. Let's give you a little test. Foreman Jones is having mutant problems at the end of the Blue Line tunnel here in Subway Town. Get your butt down there and help him.
Come back when you've taken care of Foreman Jones' problem.


  • Find Foreman Jones down the tunnel from the Fez Bar
  • Return to Redstone.


Tip: Feel free to explore the Subway Town before or after taking this quest. Grind a locked door for a Night Blossom along with Feltrite Crystals, meet Stew, and try playing Strum, if you like to. Visit "Jani's Supplies" and buy whatever you can from her, especially the heavy upgrade for your armor and the Advanced Wingstick, Sentry Bot, and Sentry Turret schematics. Take the "Brick's Bounty" and "Comet Bloom" quests. You could even win a few races to see the places where the local racing takes place and have more Racing Certificates for "Sparky's Autoparts" and be prepared for the "Starky's Monarch" mission.

Once you arrive to the town and finish the quest "Subway Town", complete the mini quest "Talk to Captain Marshall" once again and take the quest "Gaining Influence" from John Marshall. Exit the local Resistance Base, cross the tracks and head up the stairs and to the left. Enter the Mayor's Office and speak to him.

It turns out that Redstone is not a kind of person that will give you a hug and let you stay as long as you wish. In fact, he'll probably sell you to the Authority if you don't prove yourself useful. So, take this job and head down the stairs and to the left. You'll meet Hudson near the construction site entrance, and the Foreman together with Finn a little further. Speak to Jones, take the "Mutant Expansion" quest from him and continue with it. Once done, head back to Redstone to complete the mission and take the quest "Gearhead Vault".


  • While at the Mayor's Office, don't forget to take the Blake Bobble Head from his desk.
  • After you complete the "Mutant Expansion" quest, on your way back to Redstone talk to Gabe to know about a job that Dietrich, whose office is now open, has for you.