Abbott offering to play Five Finger Fillet

in the Trophy Room

Five Finger Fillet is one of the minigames featured in RAGE. It is first introduced by Abbott in Wellspring after starting the quest "Defibrillator Upgrade", and in Subway Town later on as Abbot travels there. It is also available at a table in the Trophy Room.

The original game has been around for too long to find the originator but the crater of all the songs to go with it are made by Rusty Cage on YouTbe.

The goal of the game is to stab the table with a knife, missing the protagonist's fingers. The knife will be following its route, making a few passes, and the players have to make a certain amount of stabs. When done, the current round will be over, bringing cash reward, and then the more challenging round will be offered, until the last round is reached.

This minigame is much more difficult than the other three (Strum, Tombstones and Rage Frenzy). If the players lose the game or quit, they start with the 1st round.

Round description[]

  • Round 1 is simple and slow with an easy pattern.
  • Round 2 is a bit harder, as it's a bit faster with a longer pattern.
  • Round 3 has the same pattern as Round 2, but faster.
  • Round 4 is the fastest and just a bit different from rounds 2 and 3 as the pattern changes when the players get to the end of a pass.
  • Round 5 is the toughest, even though it's roughly the same speed as level 3. It isn't scripted and the line which lights up and shows when to press PS3 X, Xbox 360 A or PC Space appears seemingly at random and usually catches the players off guard. So far two distinct patterns have been recognized but have yet to be documented. This round consists of 32 stab points.



There is a kind of exploit the players can use. Below is the description for the PS3 version of the game.

  • When the knife is over a lighted segment (S1), instead of pressing X, press X and Start simultaneously.
  • This will pause the game in a state where the next segment to stab (S2) will already be lighted up, and S1 will not be lighted.
  • Press X again to un-pause the game and complete the stab at S1.
  • Be ready to press X + Start again almost immediately in many cases. The act of pausing and un-pausing the game seems to result in slightly less time between stabs compared to playing normally.

This works for the Xbox 360 version of the game as well, but using the A button instead.