Fists of Rage
Affectionately known as the human holepunchers.
In-game description

The Fists of Rage are an upgrade for fists that can be received with the Anarchy and Campaign editions of RAGE. They are shown as metal blades strapped to the backing of the protagonist's gloves that allow him to puncture the enemy's armor or skin and deal extra damage. It was showcased in the Well gameplay trailer shown prior to E3 2011.

The Fists of Rage are essentially upgrades to fists in the standard version of the game, increasing attack power by default with sharp knuckle attachments, without needing to be bought as an upgrade to the standard fists, similar to the Ark Armor upgrade. It will kill a human target in one hit if its powerful strike is landed on the face, while it takes about 2-5 hits to kill other enemies, including several armored ones.

Since the Fists of Rage are provided in the very beginning of the game in the Ark 437a, they can be used to save ammunition early on, since the enemies are relatively weak at the beginning stages of the game. Even during later stages of the game, the Fists of Rage are still a formidable weapon that is not to be underestimated as they can still kill Authority Enforcers with just a few hits in the face.