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Balled-up hands that attach to the ends of arms. Useful for bludgeoning.
In-game description

The protagonist's fists are the default weapon featured in RAGE. They are exactly what the name describes. They do rather small damage and are only useful in the early stages of the game when helping the player to conserve some ammo. The player should not rely on fists much past the quest "Medical Supplies" as the enemies get tougher from that point on, however they can be useful for attacking up-close standard mutants with two hits to save on ammunition.

The fists should not be confused with the Fists of Rage which are upgraded fists included with the Anarchy and Campaign editions of the game. Because of the reinforced gloves with the sharp shards attached, the Fists of Rage are stronger and can be used whenever needed. This upgrade should be used instead of the standard fists if possible.