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"Firestorm" is a warship featured in RAGE: The Scorchers. It was designed by the Scorchers bandit clan in their efforts to destroy the Wasteland. It is believed that this is where the highest ranking members of the Scorchers are, possibly including the Reaver. It only appears in the Rite of Passage quest.

It is a flying battleship carried by Carrier Balloons similar to that used by the Resistance. It serves as the final boss in The Scorchers DLC, requiring slick maneuvering and the Rocket Launcher to defeat it.


  • According to Scorchers, Firestorm runs on feltrite and oil.
  • The plans for firestorm can be found In The Refinery, during the quest "Scorched Refinement".
  • If the player takes over nine minutes defeating Firestorm, it will fly to the next part of the Scorcher base, allowing the player to proceed with the quest.