"Finding Feltrite" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Jacob in Wellspring. It is available after receiving the quest "Deadly Delivery".


You're from one of those Arks aren't you?
I've got a great opportunity for you. Keep an eye out for Feltrite Crystals while you travel. You know the blue shards of Apophis? That's what I need, and you need this Defibrillator Speeder-Upper-Thing I found.
You collect 20 Feltrite Crystals for me and I'll give you this Defibrillator Upgrade.



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Accept the quest "Deadly Delivery"" and visit "Second Chance" right away to see Jacob. It turns out that he's in possession of an upgrade for your Defibrillator implant which recharges it in 5 minutes (vs. 6 minutes), and all he needs are the Feltrite Crystals that he'll be able to use "to make a fortune". 20 Feltrite Crystals mean $500, but still it's a good opportunity to improve the implant's performance, so take the chance.

Normally, if you were thorough, and have completed the Sheriff Black's chain of quests (starting with "Visit the Sheriff") before attempting the Mayor Clayton's chain (starting with "The Mayor Calls"), 20 is the exact number of the Feltrite Crystals in your inventory, and when you take the Jacob's quest it'll be finished right away with the "Requirements already met" message. Otherwise, continue playing.

There is an opportunity to acquire some Feltrite Crystals right away. Whether you accept the Jacob's mission or not, leave Wellspring with the "Deadly Delivery" quest and head to the Kvasir's Lab through the Northern Canyon. The Feltrite Tempest event will be announced once you leave the Wellspring Entrance territory.

There will be one more tempest later on, and a Feltrite Storm that will bring you a lot of crystals. Beware that if you don't use those events to build up a Feltrite Crystals cache for Jacob, you won't be able to do it later on.