"Find the Buggy Parts" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Johan Outrigger in Outrigger Settlement. It is available when completing the quest "The Missing Parts".


I'd give them to you if I could, but bandits raided my garage and ran off with most of my spare parts, including the Piston Assembly, Alternator, and Distributor Cap you need. Take these Fat Boys and this Lock Grinder Schematic, you'll need 'em. That Fat Boy ammo does a lot of damage, and that Lock Grinder will open specially locked doors. The Wasted Garage is to the North in the old dam.
No need to come back here, just get those parts back to Durar at the Hagar Settlement.


  • Steal the Buggy parts back from the Wasted Clan
    • Head North to the Wasted Garage in the old dam
    • Find the Alternator
    • Find the Distributor Cap
    • Find the Piston Assembly
    • Take the parts to Durar at the Hagar Settlement


The entrance to the Outrigger Sewers
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The Wasted Club card is over there, in the box
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With the Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC, you might like to visit the Outrigger Sewers before leaving to the Wasted Territory, if you haven't already. Otherwise, build a Lock Grinder immediately. You'll need it. There are two further locked doors in the Wasted Garage, but you'll find enough parts lying around to build them as you go. You'll likely want to save the Fatboys for the end of this mission where you'll be fighting an armored boss.

Once you are up to the quest, travel to the Wasted Garage which has been marked on your minimap. Pass through the Wasted Territory as in the "Where's Juno" mission, and don't forget to pick up the Sentry Turret card and Rikter Outrigger card, if you haven't already.

Resistance is approximately the same as before. You'll meet two Wasted AR's behind cover, and another one in the tunnel. The latrine may also now have a Night Blossom in it. There's a final Wasted AR  just before the doorway into the garage proper.

Once inside, you'll find some Small Gears and Hardware Packet for your next Lock Grinder, if you haven't already, and three more Wasted behind the door. It's recommended to avoid exploding these guys, since they sometimes carry decent loot. If you're planning to headshot them, note that the regular Pistol Rounds can take two shots — one to remove the helmet, and one to kill them. And don't forget to grab the pistol ammo at the bottom of the stairs. Some Wasted Clubs will rush you once you make yourself known, so it's probably a good time to break out that Combat Shotgun.

Keep heading around, where you'll meet a handful more Pistols and Clubs until you reach an electrified door. Ignore this and go forward, to get around the back of that engine block you can see. The first part you're looking for — the Alternator — is here. Picking it up will blow open the door, but don't forget to have a look around before you descend. There's lots of junk and at least some Small Gears and an Electrical Wire Kit.

Once down the stairs, you'll meet five or six more Wasted Pistols and a couple of Clubs who will start throwing HE Grenades at you. Take them down quickly and grab the junk lying around. Off to the left and up some stairs is also the Wasted Club card along with more junk and ingredients.

Keep moving to find more Pistols and Clubs only too happy to run into your gunfire and head through to the room with bunk beds where you'll find Antiseptic Formula and Cloth Rags to make Bandages. Grab some available liters as well, and then double-back to go through the locked door you should have passed on your way here. Once you've emptied that little treasure trove head down the stairs where you'll find the Wasted Pistol card, and a closed door.

Open it to find a number of Pistols who will spread out when they see you, calling for back up from the bunk room at the back. There are a lot of guys around here, so advance slowly and methodically. Once it's clear, grab all the Beer Bottles, and the Wire Kit on the table, then head down the corridor. You should see some yellow gas tanks that you can shoot out to blow open the door. Head back to go into that room where there's a set of Feltrite Crystals and some other loot.

Once you've grabbed the loot, head back down the corridor to clear the next room (watch out for grenades) and then grab the Distributor Cap from the car that's waiting there, along with various other bits of junk. After the ensuing explosion, take out the three Wasted Pistols waiting the other side, and grab the loot, then head down the stairs for the final section of this level.

Advance through the garage. Grab the Buckshot and pistol ammo on the side. Select your Settler Pistol and put the Fatboy rounds into it, then switch back to your shotgun. As you advance, a Monarch will come screaming into this area, and crash in front of you. The Wasted Boss will then open fire from his turret (you may have heard some of the Pistols previously talking about this), and he'll continually call Pistols to rush you, one at a time. The Pistols will pursue you out of the garage and close to melee distance.

There are a seemingly unlimited number of Pistol reinforcements that can be called, so this is an opportunity to farm for money and pistol ammunition. An easy way to do so is to retreat all the way to the landing of the stairs that led down to the garage. Because you are out of sight, the Pistol will approach slowly and look around for you. It is typically easy to get the drop on them. Rush them and use your fists to quickly kill them when they are near the doorway.

When you kill one of the Pistol reinforcements, the Wasted Boss will throw his hands in the air and scream, giving you a chance to shoot him in the head. There is also a fixture in the front part of the vehicle designed so that fuel canisters can be carried there; shooting a canister directly over his head can destroy about half of his health. After the Wasted Boss is defeated, one final Wasted with a shotgun will rush you.

Pass around to the left of the Monarch to take the Piston Assembly on the table behind. Until you do so, the door to the exit on this floor will not unlock. When you take the Piston Assembly, a Wasted will come out of the door leading to the exit; this door is next to a locked door that can be opened with a lock grinder.

In this area is also the Wasted Turret card.

As you exit, you'll be at a different area, but there are two Wasted guarding a bandit Jetter. Take them down, and if you have accepted the quest "Mutant Alert", you're nearby for that. Otherwise, drive to the Hagar Settlement, where Durar will fix up your buggy.

Congratulations! Once you get the Dune Buster, you'll be able to hit the Authority Drones with your vehicle. See the Vehicle Jumps article for more information that is now actual for you, and try to get down a few drones next time you leave the settlement.


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  • If after exiting the garage you go back there for the Quake room Easter egg and exit again, the two Wasted guarding the bandit ATV (presuming you didn't kill them before) might not be present.
  • Beer Bottles are the first "victims" of any gunfight, so pick them up as soon as it's possible.
  • Every Collector Card picked up counts towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Gotta Have 'em All".
  • It is possible with quick controlled aim to kill the Wasted Boss before he can turn his turrent on the player (fatboys needed)