It's Good!

There are three Field Goals in RAGE related to the Achievement/Trophy "It's Good!". The goals are hidden within the Northern Wasteland. The player must use an ATV of some sort, find these Field Goals, and vault himself between the goal posts to prompt a buzzer sound, indicating that the "goal" is good. It may take a few tries to align yourself correctly with the posts.


Dam Facility area goal[]

This goal post is located only a few meters from where the protagonist first emerges from the Ark 437a. Line the ATV with the goal post, then slowly back up, careful not to alter alignment. When you're as far back as you can get, accelerate and boost, crashing into the guard rail straight ahead. If you have enough speed, you'll have no problem splitting these uprights.

Authority Gate area goal[]

This gate is located West of the Mutant Bash TV studio, not far from the Swamp. It is near an unknown Authority gate, built into the cliff at the end of the road — you can see the tips of uprights just south of the rock. Once you find this goal post, scoring the field goal is relatively straightforward. Line up your Jetter with the goal post, back up, and then boost into the rock wall to launch yourself through the uprights.

Watch Tower area goal[]

Leave Wellspring, and race through the Scorcher Territory. Try to avoid damage, as you have no weapons on your small Jetter. Pass through the gate and turn to the right — the goal post is just beyond the ridge. You need as much speed as possible to make it over this distant goal post, so bring yourself as far back as you can while maintaining alignment. Accelerate and boost simultaneously towards the rocky ridge in front of the goal post.

Video Guide[]


Rage "Field Goals" Video Guide


  • Consider clearing the way to every goal with your primary vehicle before using an ATV to reach the area. Enemy vehicles in the Scorcher Territory usually respawn, but there will be considerably fewer bandits once you win the Vehicle Combat. Also, some Viper Rockets may help on the way back.