"Feltrite Sample" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Mayor Clayton in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Feltrite Crater".


Whatever you've got there can't be safe. That's for sure.
Old man Kvasir is a hermit that lives up North. Take that Feltrite Sample to him and see what he says. He's a pretty smart guy, but he doesn't take to strangers just popping in on him. So I'll let Kvasir know you're coming.
Come back as soon as Kvasir's figured out what those Bandits were up to.


  • Take the Feltrite Sample to Kvasir
    • Head North and West to Kvasir's Chasm
    • Use the Com. Box to contact Kvasir
    • Cross the bridge and enter Kvasir's Lab
    • Give Kvasir the Feltrite Sample
    • Let Kvasir analyze the Feltrite Sample
    • Take the Neutralized Sample to Mayor Clayton


Tip: Stock up on ammo, Wingsticks and Bandages before leaving the town because you'll have to visit the Dead City with the quest "Defibrillator Upgrade". Also prepare a set of RC Bomb Car ingredients (you'll need one there), and Sentry Bots / Sentry Turrets, if you like to.
The Sentry Bot card and a Desert Spore are over there
Kvasir's lab.jpg
The Authority Enforcer card is right before the pipe entrance

Once done, drive to the Kvasir's Chasm. His hideout is located on a mesa, and the only way to get there is by talking to Kvasir through the intercom by the small platform in front of his holdout. This will make a device that carries a folding bridge to connect the mesa to the mainland. Pick up a Desert Spore needed for the Apophis Infusion recipe near the Stanley Express Mailbox, and the Sentry Bot card a little further, then enter and hand him the sample.

The examination will require some time, and meanwhile Antonin Kvasir suggests that you upgrade your Defibrillator implant. There is no way to skip this, and the upgrade might prove quite handy anyway, so accept the quest "Defibrillator Upgrade" and head east. Leave the vehicle under the ramp, pick up the Authority Enforcer card on your way and continue to the Dead City.

When you're done with the mission, return to Kvasir to install the upgrade. It turns out that he had enough time to analyze the sample and came to conclusion that the bandits are trying to create an explosive, so take the sample back and return to Clayton, to get your reward and a new mini quest, "The Wellmaster".