"Feltrite Crater" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Mayor Clayton in Wellspring. It is available after completing the mini quest "The Mayor Calls".


Bandits been digging in a Crater North of here, and rumor has it they're refining pure Feltrite.
I need you to get me a Sample of whatever the Bandits are doing with that Feltrite, and I need you to get it back here fast! It's a long drive through some mighty dangerous areas. So restock before heading out.
Bring me back a Sample, and I'll see you're generously rewarded.


  • Find a Sample of the Bandit's experiments with Feltrite in the Crater
    • Head North and East to the Crater
    • Activate the Feltrite Refinery
    • Grab the Refined Feltrite
    • Take the Feltrite to Mayor Clayton


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When you're ready, leave the town and follow the pips to the Feltrite Crater. There might be a Minigun nest on a slope after you pass the Shrouded Bunker, so consider leaving a car and using your Sniper Rifle on the bandit in the nest in order to save your vehicle's armor for a Vehicle Combat event ahead. Note that you'll find another Minigun nest right after you enter the crater, and a bandit vehicle and one more nest when you advance forward, so be prepared.

Drive to the rig and use the vehicle's missiles to dispatch some Shrouded shooters behind the barrels. Jump out of your car to loot the bodies and pick up some items found there, then enter the container next to the Stanley Express Mailbox to pick up the Shrouded Minigun card inside and a wrench a little further outside. Head back and up the steps, and watch for a few bandits that will appear on the roof ahead and to the right. Activate the machine and pick up the sample, and watch for one more bandit on the roof.

Once done, jump in the car, destroy an enemy vehicle on your way out of the crater and a few more that will be waiting for you outside, and drive back to Clayton to complete the mission and pick up the quest "Feltrite Sample".