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Twice as tough as Fatboys. If Mamma can't kill it, RUN!

Fat Mammas are an ammunition type featured in RAGE. It is used with the Settler Pistol. It can be crafted or found in a few locations in the Wasteland, mostly in the Jackal Canyon.

They do quadruple the damage of a standard issue Pistol Round, which is to say doubles the damage of a Fatboy. Because Fat Mammas are larger than the standard ammo the magazine size is reduced to six rounds. It "pierces" the target, hitting several enemies in a row. Also, on any difficulty a single Fat Mamma headshot will kill most enemies.


The schematic is available from the "Outfitters" in Wellspring after entering the town first time with the quest "Dan's Message". The player can craft 6 of them at a time, 8 if the Fabricator suit or Crimson Elite[1] armor are selected. The components required are:


  • No enemies in RAGE will use Fat Mammas against Nicholas Raine.


  1. The Crimson Elite armor is the Anarchy and Campaign Edition bonus content.