"Eviction Notice" is a job board quest in RAGE acquired by the protagonist from the Job Board in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Gearhead Vault".


The Shrouded Clan attacked the Blue Line Station!
Outnumbered and outgunned, our workers were massacred, but not before sending out a distress call. We can't let the Shrouded get a foot hold so close to Subway Town. Someone's gotta get down there and boot 'em out.
Get 'em out of there and we'll pay you for your services.


  • Head down to the Blue Line Station and evict the Shrouded Clan
    • Return to the Blue Line Station
    • Kill every Bandit you find


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Return to the Blue Line Station. Progress through the tunnels and train cars until you arrive at the platform with the TNT plunger on it. You'll meet about eight Shrouded Clan members there, who shouldn't pose too much of a threat. (Note that you could pick off at least three of them with your sniper Rifle standing at the the first train car's doorway before they fall back.) Don't forget to loot the bodies, as well the ATMs and vending machines in the area.

As you leave the platform and head for the corridors behind, you'll run into a Sentry Turret. An EMP Grenade will take care of it — or, if you're feeling brave, simply run up and disable it. Round the corner and you'll be in a subway tunnel with three Shrouded shooting at you. Dally a little too long, and they'll start throwing grenades.

Continue up the tunnel where you'll find an open area where you may run into some security forces defending against the Shrouded. Clear out the remaining Shrouded and push through to the station foyer, where you'll find a few more enemies to take down. They're embedded in cover, but cannot flank you. Take them down, loot the area, not missing the four vending machines, and then head to the right and up the ramp. Watch for a Sentry Turret dead ahead, which may take you by surprise. Loot some bodies ahead, pick up a wine bottle, and move down the passageway.

At the next main area, you'll find five Shrouded lurking to fire at you — one of them is up in a turret nest, and this is a fun place to use the Sniper Rifle, especially once you notice the gas tanks next to the turret nest. Once you've done clearing the area, loot the bodies and the vending machines, and then head left and up the plank into the train car which will drop you in the office. Watch out, though. There's a turret waiting for you right as you leave this room, and another on the stairs just beyond the first. Deal with them, and don't forget to loot the ATM and vending machines together with the dead bodies present.

Up the stairs and you'll find a Shrouded Minigun along with some backup to the left. Once again, there are a few vending machines and ATMs to loot, as well as some bodies, and another wine bottle in the restroom area. Head back and to where you picked up the TNT in the previous mission, and you'll find some ingredients, as well as another ambush. When you enter this area, 8–10 Shrouded will spawn, so have some fun fighting your way out of there and down the stairs.

Head through the newly opened door where you'll meet the final Shrouded who needs killing. Upon doing this, you should complete the quest.


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  • The security forces may already be dead by the time you reach them due to the Shrouded overpowering them.
  • If the security forces are alive when you leave them after dispatching all the enemies, you may find them dead if you go to the ramp leading to the wrecked restroom area and then return back. That means you can loot their bodies. Their death is probably a scripted event meant to free system resources. (Or you can just shoot them and take the loot)