Road Rage vehicle type 2 Enforcer

The Enforcer is the second of five different vehicle types featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. Unlocked at level 5, it uses the Stallion theme by default.

It comes equipped with Heavy Machine Guns as the default primary weapon, Rocket as the secondary weapon, Armor Restore as the left quick-use item, and Mine as the right quick-use item. The Heavy Machine Guns have infinite ammo, as well as 12 Rockets.

When the player reaches level 6 and the next levels, other variants of Cuprino variants will be unlocked, each featuring new theme:

  • Level 6: Vortex
  • Level 8: Racer
  • Level 13: Sawtooth
  • Level 17: Scorpion
  • Level 19: Patrol


This vehicle is decent for starting a fight, but if the player gets caught by an enemy player, they should use rockets to dispatch of them quickly. The player could try out the Air Burst right quick-use unlocked at level 6. Also, Nailspreader unlocked at level 7 is a good weapon to use. This vehicle is best used on the maps Gearhead Valley and Southern Highway.


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