“Word is you're one of those thawed-out soldiers from the past. There'd be a lot of money for whoever turns you in, but luckily for you no one thinks the Authority would actually pay.”
―Eddie, to the protagonist

Eddie is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Subway Town and one of Foreman Jones's construction workers.

He can be found in "Fez", talking to Zak. When first encountered, he tells Nicholas Raine that with the mutant infestation in the Blue Line Station, there is no work for them and that all they can do is drink.

Later Eddie tells the protagonist that he knows that Raine is "one of those thawed out soldiers from the past" and there would be a huge rewards for anyone turning him in but luckily no one thinks the Authority would actually pay. Afterwards he can be found working with Zak clearing the rubble around Subway Town, but when the Authority arrives in the town, Zak and Eddie will be back in the bar.

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