"Dusty 8 Sponsorship" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Jackie Weeks in Wellspring. It is available after making a minimum progress in the quest "Cuprino Needed".


So you're looking for a better set of wheels? Well, we've got just the race for you.
The Dusty 8 Sponsored Event mixes in a little promotion with all that speed and mayhem. You wanna race, you'll need a sponsor. Lucky for you, I hear J.K. Stiles, the producer of Mutant Bash TV, is looking for a driver. You can find him west of town at the other end of the Southern Highway.
Get JK Stiles' Sponsorship Letter, then come back and see me.


  • Get a Certificate of Sponsorship from J.K. Stiles at Mutant Bash TV
    • Head West to the Mutant Bash Studio
    • Ask J.K. Stiles about a Sponsorship
    • Show the Certificate of Sponsorship to Jackie Weeks


For additional information, see Mutant Bash TV (Quest) and Cuprino Needed.

It is advised to stock up on ammo, Bandages, and/or Sentry Turrets / Sentry Bots and Wingsticks. Once you are ready, leave Wellspring and follow the pips on the minimap that will lead you to the Mutant Bash studio. Meet J.K. Stiles and accept the quest "Mutant Bash TV".

After you make it through the "Mutant Bash TV" alive, you will be rewarded with the Sponsorship Letter a.k.a the Certificate of Sponsorship. Return to Jackie Weeks to complete this quest and pick up the "Win the Dusty 8" mission and enter the Dusty 8 Sponsored Event to win a Cuprino. Once done, continue with the quest "Cuprino Needed".