"Durar's Time Trial" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Durar Hagar in Hagar Settlement. It is available after completing the "Destroy the Barricade" quest's objective of destroying the barricade.


I put together my own little time trial race. You want to give it a go?
Race down to the Flag and back. Just look on your map if you get lost, but remember, the most direct route may not be the easiest.
If you manage to beat my time, I'll give you an Evenflow 2x Boost.


  • Visit D R and test your driving skills on a race course


The task and the hint
Almost impossible to fail

This side quest occurs when completing the quest "Destroy the Barricade". It is recommended that the player talks to Durar in the garage and takes the mission before heading to Wellspring during the quest "Dan's Message" because both the card and the boost might prove useful pretty soon.

This is a simple task and made so that the players might test their driving skills and be somewhat prepared for such situations in the future. They're given 45 seconds to get to the end of the track, pass through the flag and drive back. They can retry the race if necessary, though they probably won't have to since it's possible to succeed even if the vehicle crashes and stops a few times.

It's recommended to use boost all the time, and hard brake when necessary.


  • Sometimes a mutant will show up on the road and attempt to attack the player's vehicle during the race. It's advised not to miss the chance and run it over in order to advance towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Roadkill".
  • Every Collector Card obtained counts towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Gotta Have 'em All".
  • The so-called "Durar's track" is in fact a somewhat changed route near the Hagar Settlement.
  • When the quest is completed, it's impossible to attempt the race again. If the player liked racing, they should head to Wellspring!
  • The time to beat is reduced at higher difficulties. On the Ultra-Nightmare difficulty, it's only 31 seconds, which requires a virtually perfect run.