The Dune Buster buggy is a vehicle featured in RAGE. It is the most common vehicle in the Wasteland seen so far. A Dune Buster is driven by Dan Hagar on the way to the Hagar Settlement during the Prologue; bandits are known to use modified Dune Busters as well. Weakest of the "full scaled" vehicles, it has high speed and maneuverability and can enter the Buggy class races.

The Dune Buster is a rather simple vehicle. On top of its roof are two sockets for Miniguns or Rocket Launchers, but it can carry only one weapon set at a time, and to change the weapons the player will have to visit a garage. Also players can customize their buggies to have better performance, as well as alternate paint jobs. The loadout is also chosen at a garage.

In the Campaign, this vehicle is only available after completing the quest "Find the Buggy Parts" and mini quest "Grab the Radio".


Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Suspension Standard.png Standard The standard suspension is better than no suspension at all!
Rage Dune Buster Suspension Sport.png Sport The sport suspension upgrade provides more shock absorption for the all-terrain driver. 20
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Tires Standard.png Standard The standard tires provide little traction and no style, but they were free.
Rage Dune Buster Tires Standard Spiked.png Standard Spiked Standard buggy tires, but now with deadly spikes! 15
Rage Dune Buster Tires Performance.png Performance Extra traction means tighter turns and better control. 20
Rage Dune Buster Tires Performance Spiked.png Performance Spiked All the traction of the performance tires meets all the protection of the spikes! 25
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Themes Second hand.png Second Hand A hand-me-down paint theme from the Hagar Settlement.
Rage Dune Buster Themes id.png id One of the last reminders of a long dead race of game developers. Wear it with pride. 5
Rage Dune Buster Themes Skull.png Skull Guaranteed to make the driver look even more badass. 5
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Weapons none.png None Avoid fights until you get your hands on some weapons!
Rage Dune Buster Weapons miniguns.png Miniguns Get the enemy in your sights and bring the pain. Slight tracking ability. 10
Rage Dune Buster Weapons rockets.png Rocket Launchers Those bandits don't have a chance when you're packing rockets! 20
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Engine L4 Beetle.png L4 Beetle The L4 Beetle engine is the standard for buggy class vehicles.
Rage Dune Buster Engine V6 Thunder.png V6 Thunder The largest, fastest, most powerful engine that you can stuff in a buggy. 30
Icon Item Description Cost
Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow.png Evenflow The entry level boost will get you going, but not for long.
Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow 2x.png Evenflow 2x Same great flow, now with twice the boost!
Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow Max.png Evenflow Max Hold on tight! Here comes maximum boost! 25


  • In the Campaign, the Dune Buster is often referred to as a "Dune Buggy".


Second Hand Theme[]

Id Theme[]

Skull Theme[]

Mutant Bash Theme[]

NOTE: The Mutant Bash theme can only be used during the "Sponsored Event".

Stanley Express Theme[]

NOTE: The Stanley Express theme can only be used during the Stanley Express missions.

Dan's Theme[]

NOTE: The following theme is only seen on Dan Hagar's buggy. It is not purchasable.