The Double Barrel Shotgun is an exclusive weapon featured in RAGE that comes with the Anarchy and Campaign Editions of the game.

The Double Barrel Shotgun is a sawed-off version of a standard barrel length weapon. The shorter barrels give the shotgun a better spread at close range, though making it less suitable for longer range firefights.


The Double Barrel Shotgun is a single shot weapon as it unloads both barrels simultaneously, which means the player will need to reload the weapon after each shot. The shotgun is mainly used for close quarter combat and can be effective against almost any type of enemy. The Double Barrel Shotgun is more powerful than the Combat Shotgun since it fires twice the number of rounds per shot. Due to the heavy punch it provides, the Double Barrel Shotgun is probably the best weapon for quick close range firefights that involve stronger enemies, though the Combat Shotgun with its eight rounds magazine is a better choice for longer firefights that involve multiple close to medium range enemies.


RAGE double barrel shotgun wingstick in action 1-0

The double barrel shotgun in action


The Double Barrel Shotgun can use the Monocular upgrade. While practically useless when using the standard Buckshot and Pulse Shot, it becomes quite handy when using Pop Rockets at longer ranges.

Ammunition types[]

The Double Barrel Shotgun uses the same ammunition types as the Combat Shotgun:

  • Buckshot — The standard spread-type ammunition for shotguns.
  • Pop Rockets — Explosive grenade rounds that detonate on impact.
  • Pulse Shot — These rounds have the EMP effect over the target.


  • When using Pop Rockets the two projectiles will go in different trajectories.


  • The shotgun shows a certain resemblance to the super shotgun in Doom II, Final Doom and Quake–legendary games that were also made by id Software.
  • The inclusion of the weapon is also a possible reference to the Mad Max series of films. RAGE shares many similarities with the Mad Max movies, not least of all its vehicle-based combat and the clothing styles of many of the in-game characters, and in the first two films of the series the primary character uses a sawn-off double barrelled shotgun as his primary weapon.