Dollars are banknotes that survived the apocalypse. It is one of only two forms of currency in RAGE, the other being Racing Certificates, although they can only be used for upgrading vehicles. The protagonist can hold a maximum of 9999 dollars at once; any higher number will be reset to 9999 as soon as the shopping menu is closed.


Dollars can be obtained in a variety of ways such as looting dead bodies and objects, selling unwanted items to vendors or completing various quests such as "Sally's Bounty". Many quests provide some sort of reward upon completion, and often the reward includes money. The amount of money received for completing quests varies depending on the progress of the main storyline. For a typical quest, the reward can range from 100 dollars at the beginning of the story to 350 dollars at the end. All Job Board quests, not including "Clean the Sewers", reward the player with 200 dollars.

Dollars are the only way to obtain certain ingredients that do appear as random loot. In addition, they cannot be used for purchasing vehicle upgrades, as only Racing Certificates are accepted.


  • Nicholas Raine seems to be the only person in the Wasteland that extensively utilizes dollars as bandits, Authority soldiers and other killable NPCs that seem to have no need in the vendor services carry small amounts of money, ranging from zero to 50 dollars.
  • All the vendors in both the Northern Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland use dollars, but they don't seem to serve a purpose for them except for when trading with the protagonist.
  • J.K. Stiles seems to have a good amount of money, presumably from his show Mutant Bash, considering that the player can make 600+ dollars on one episode. By abusing the dopefish Easter egg, one can gain 1500+ dollars in each run.
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