RAGE can be played at 5 different difficulty levels:
Difficulty level - easy.png Difficulty level - normal.png Difficulty level - hard.png Difficulty level - nightmare original.png 2013-05-15 00005.jpg
Easy Normal Hard Nightmare Ultra Nightmare
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All enemies have more hit points and hit harder on higher difficulty levels, another more subtle change is the spread of weapons. The higher the difficulty, the more inaccurate the player's weapons become. This is especially noticeable on the Nightmare difficulty with the Sniper Rifle during the quest "Mutant Menace" and subsequent sniper quests, and the Settler Pistol when using the Monocular. This inaccuracy also affects vehicles, lock-ons take longer, the Miniguns, Rocket Launchers and Pulse Cannon are also more inaccurate.

The bandit turret nests will not be as abundant on the Nightmare difficulty as on the easier difficulty levels. Enemy vehicles in the Wasteland will also begin using vehicle quick-use items sooner, and will be more aggressive. This applies to Racing as well.

Loot appears unaffected when the game difficulty is increased. Note that despite the common opinion that the Rocket Launcher near the Kvasir's Sewers exit hatch can only be obtained starting from the Normal difficulty level, it is available on the Easy level as well (Confirmed on PC).

Ultra-Nightmare has been added to the game with the downloading of RAGE: The Scorchers. The biggest changes are:

  • the price increase for supplies.
  • the amount of items made per recipe.
  • the amount of damage taken when shot.
  • the difficulty to win races (the time limit on the first race in Wellspring is 1:28 minutes instead of 2:08).
  • the duration of time required for Nanotrites to recharge.


  • See the Mutant Bash TV article notes for information on generating large sums of cash, useful for exploiting different quick-use items on any difficulty. On Nightmare difficulty, this can help as the player cannot take much damage but can afford much more ammunition and quick-use items. Note that this is very useful for getting the Achievement/Trophy "Mechanocide".