Dietrich is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Subway Town and the local chemistry expert who uses his skill to create quality Blueshine for profit.

He has a distinct German accent and wears a mixture of the First and Second World War era German clothing and equipment, and what looks like a Knight's Cross, the highest awarded German military medal around his neck. He can be found on the Subway Town's upper floor, in a small room near the "Jani's Supplies" store.

He gives the protagonist the quest ""Abandoned Distilery" in order to get him some of his famous Blueshine. After completing the quest, Dietrich will sincerely thank Nicholas and reward him with the "Dietrich recipe" and also ask him to keep the schematic a secret. Later on another quest by Dietrich will be available from the Job Board, the "Bounty Hunter".


  • Judging by his name and his clothing (specifically the iconic monocle), he could possibly be a direct resemblance of the First World War era Prussian prime minister [[Wikipedia:Otto von Bismarck|Von Bismarck.
  • His helmet is is very similar to the ones worn by the Wasted Clan.


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