"Destroy the Bomb Caches" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Sheriff Black in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Resupply the Watch Tower".


Those damn Remote Controlled Bomb Cars are really causing troubles in the Canyon up North.
One of my men uncovered the plans for the damn things. Here, take this schematic, build yourself some RC Bomb Cars, and use them to destroy any bomb making caches. The Shrouded Bunker is at the Northern end of the Canyon.
Destroy the Shrouded Clan's Bomb Caches, and I'll make it worth your while.


  • Destroy the Bomb Caches in the Shrouded Bunker
    • Head North to the Shrouded Bunker
    • Use a RC Bomb Car to destroy Bomb Cache 1
    • Use a RC Bomb Car to destroy Bomb Cache 2
    • Use a RC Bomb Car to destroy Bomb Cache 3
    • Take the Lift and escape the Bunker
    • Tell Sheriff Black about your success


Rage Sheriff's parting words.jpg
2011-10-13 00032.jpg
Rage RC bomb car on patrol.jpg
RC Bomb Car collector card is on the ledge
Rage 1st bomb cache.jpg
Rage Shrouded Bunker 2nd room.jpg
The Shrouded AR collector cart is straight ahead
Rage Shrouded Bunker behind the grinded door.jpg
Inside it you'll find the card
Rage Shrouded Bunker keycard.jpg
Rage Shrouded Bunker 2nd cache.jpg
Rage Shrouded Bunker on the way back.jpg
Rage Shrouded Bunker minigun nest.jpg
Rage Shrouded Bunker Shrouded Minigun.jpg
Rage Shrouded Bunker to the 3rd cache.jpg
Rage Shrouded Bunker exit hatch.jpg

Sheriff Black is worried by the little remote controlled bomb cars in the canyon on the way to the Watch Tower. One of his men uncovered the Shrouded RC Bomb Car schematic, and when you accept the quest, the Sheriff will hand it to you along with the parts needed to build a few of those (2 Explosive Packs, 2 Nanotrite Conduits, 2 Small Battery Packs and 3 RC Car Kits). Together with all the parts you'll find in the bunker itself, it's more than enough to complete the mission.

Be prepared to meet pretty heavy resistance. The Shrouded Miniguns may give you a hard time, so take lots of armor piercing and heavy ammo. Also consider stocking up on Bandages since they like using the HE Grenades too, and on higher difficulty levels, they'll send RC Bomb Cars against you.

As soon as you enter the bunker, turn right and take some Oil Liters. It's possible to crouch and snatch the assembled RC Bomb Car at the end of the corridor and to the right, behind a box. They won't notice you, and you might like to stealth the first Shrouded you see — to advance towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Silent But Deadly", or "Decapathon", — but after that you might want to switch the weapon since the Shrouded behind the bullet-proof glass will become alarmed and send the guards and the RC Bomb Cars patrolling the area to greet you. Another way to announce your arrival is to shoot the patrol bomb car when it's close to the Shrouded you see (though it'll also detonate the bomb car on a box next to him that you could use later on); the result will be the same.

There are some Shrouded ARs in the big room ahead. First they will use the bomb cars they have, so stay in the corridor and destroy the cars to pick up the components left. Once you come closer the Shrouded will advance forward, to the accessible part of the area, and start shooting you from the cover. When done with them, pick up the RC Bomb Car card from the ledge below the bullet-proof glass and use your own bomb car to penetrate the "car tunnel" underneath it and destroy the first bomb cache.

After the explosion a few ARs will be sent up to check out what's going on. Deal with them, pick up a few Steel-tipped Bolts on the shelves to the left and take the elevator down. Wait for the guard in the tunnel to send his "Area's clear", stealth him and advance forward. There are a few Shrouded in the room ahead, so deal with them any way you like, pick up the Paint Can and move forward. The Shrouded that survived the assault will likely fall back to the left after you kill one more of them, so take your time to pick up a RC Bomb Car to the right and the Shrouded AR card a little further, loot the bodies and follow the enemies. Pick up the HE Grenades along some other loot on a box ahead and some can nearby and walk down and a little forward. Usually, the enemies will be waiting for you around the corner, so you might consider tossing a grenade there.

Once done with them, grind the door you'll find a little further. There is an Authority Machine Gun along with some ammo, as well as some Beer Bottles, Bandages, Fatboys, and Buckshot, so take what you like and keep going. Pick up a bomb car along with Pistol Rounds up some stairs and Bandages ahead, and make your way through the pipe. You'll hear some Shrouded chatting about the unsafe working conditions, which means that right now you might possibly stealth the Shrouded you see, as well as a few more of them around the corner.

Loot the bodies and take whatever you find there, but don't go down the stairs yet. Instead, turn back and pick up the Shrouded Heavy card inside the large pipe you see there. Follow that pipe, pick up a bomb car near the wall to the left, and there will be 1-2 Shrouded more ahead of you and below. Stealth them if possible, as well as the first one you'll see in the corridor to the left and down the stairs, then dispatch whoever else you will find, grab all the loot, head to the corridor and pick up keycard in the room to the left, along with ammo and some other loot, then continue through the corridor, up the stairs on the other side and to the door with the electronic lock you've seen before. The keycard will open this door.

There are rather many Shrouded down below, and when you enter the door they'll be alarmed with the Shrouded Foreman newscast about the destruction you've made, so pick up the loot you see and take a peek at them. Possibly the best way to deal with them is to send a bomb car down the stairs, or you might just throw a few grenades and shoot 'em all if you like to, since there are quite a few assembled bomb cars down there which will detonate after any explosion, but beware that when you discover your location they'll start shooting and throwing grenades, so keep moving.

Once done with them, destroy the second bomb cache. The Shrouded Foreman will send a few guards to stop you, including a few heavies, so enter the hole you've made, shoot the guards you see on your level and above, then leave the hole and deal with the ones in the corridor to the right and above its entrance. Head through the corridor and up the stairs and dispatch a few enemies there. Watch for the grenades they throw and return fire. One may be hiding near the pipe where the Shrouded Heavy card once was, and some more of them will appear from the previously locked door near the pipe you used to get to the area, so be prepared. When done, head to that door and take a peek to the right: 1-2 Shrouded will be there. Deal with them, head up and take a peek to the left, to discover a few more of them. Dispatch them and take some cover because a Minigun nest will appear above their position, and while it keeps firing a few more Shrouded will appear at the previous position.

But you aren't done with this area yet: after you deal with those Shrouded, the locked gate behind the position will open and with the Foreman's "Send him in!" the Shrouded Minigun and a few more enemies will come through it, and that's when the right time for the armor piercing ammo and/or explosives will come. Defeat the Minigun and the minor enemies, and head through the open passage if you have enough ammo to continue, otherwise head to the elevator and leave to Wellspring for some shopping because there is one more Shrouded Minigun ahead and some ARs along with 1-2 Shrouded Heavies.

Defeat them all, send a bomb car through the "car tunnel" near the entrance, destroy the third bomb cache, and head through the hole the explosion made and straight to the elevator. You'll see a few Shrouded ahead but don't waste the bullets right now, they'll be blown away or just keep running to the exit. And so use the elevator, shoot a couple of fanatics a few floors up that will keep firing at you despite the fire raging all around them, and prepare to meet a final wave once up at the ground level. Deal with the 4-5 Shrouded that will appear and head to a hatch to leave the bunker.

Drive to Wellspring and speak to the Sheriff to complete the quest. He'll reward you and send you to the mayor. Say goodbye to the Sheriff, as this was his last quest.


  • Even though this walkthrough tells the player that they must do Sheriff Black's quests first, his can be done last and he will give the player the quest "The Wellmaster".
  • Mick and some other residents will appreciate the fact that you've cleared the Northern Canyon and thank you.
  • Every Collector Card picked up counts toward getting the Achievement/Trophy "Gotta Have 'em All".
  • Completing the Shrouded Bunker in the Campaign gets you the Achievement/Trophy "Debunked".