"Destroy the Barricade" is a quest in RAGE. It is given to the protagonist by Dan Hagar in Hagar Settlement. It is available after completing the quest "Find the Buggy Parts" and the mini quest "Grab the Radio".


I need your special talents for a demolition job.
The Shrouded Bandits constructed a Blockade in the Canyon just South of here, and it's cut us off from Wellspring to the East. Take these Explosive Charges and place them on the Gate. Here is my Sniper Rifle. Use it from the cover of the road, and be careful, the blockade is heavily defended.
You take out that blockade, and I'll make it worth your while.


  • Blow up the blockade near the Hagar Settlement
    • Set the Explosives on the Barricade to the South
    • Tell Dan the Job's done


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Dan Hagar gives the protagonist his Sniper Rifle and enough ammo to take out the 5–8 bandits that guard the blockade. Thanks to this, the mission may prove to be easier than it might seem, especially if the player doesn't forget to use the full zoom. Also, the player may want to use the situation to advance greatly towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Open Minded" early in the game.

It's advised to visit Halek's shop to get the supplies the player may need. Once done, it's time to advance towards the blockade. It is suggested that the player simply walks there, since it's close and the bandit rockets will just end up damaging the Dune Buster and costing money to repair it. If the player takes a vehicle, it's better to leave it in cover at the second road's turn, right after they hear that specific (and new to them) "rocket locked on" buzz followed by approaching sound of the rocket's thruster.

Once in cover, the player might like to look around for a bit in order to assess the situation. It seems that the concrete pipe to their left is a rather good option to start with, so it's best to sprint inside and prepare for a battle. There is a gap between the two sections of the pipe that might be a good spot to pick up a few enemies, or even all of them.

The Shrouded will be attacking the protagonist with Rocket Launchers, Settlers Assault Rifles and Miniguns, and if the rifles along with the miniguns aren't much of a threat while the player uses the gap to snipe the enemies one by one, the Rocket Launchers are, so it's recommended to avoid standing at one place and to consider those guys the priority.

After the player takes them all down, they may head back and take their vehicle. Now it's time to advance to the roadblock and plant the explosives. It's recommended to get some distance away from there and watch the pretty explosion before it's time to return to Dan to finish the mission. A single bandit will fall out of the barricade onto the ground, and he can be looted.

Alternative: If the Rocket Launchers are taken out (because they are too dangerous), it is possible to run from cover to cover and finally to the pillar in front of where the explosives are to be placed. Crouching here will provide cover against the miniguns. Once healed, the player can then rush to the gate where they can wait safely and heal again because they are outside the bandits' arc of fire. Finally, rush to plant the explosives, then back behind the pillar. When the charges explode, the remaining bandits also die, presumably killed by the explosion.

The side quest "Durar's Time Trial" will start when the player is on their way back to the settlement, when Durar Hagar contacts the protagonist by the radio: "D R here. Hey partner, you looking good out there. Care to test your skills on a course? Come back and see me if you dare. Out."


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Barricade glitch 1.jpg

If the player presses their back to the wall left of the barricade's gate and tries some jumping while walking back, they might end up quite high above the ground. It won't allow them to get up to the Shrouded guards' positions, though.


  • Even though the barricade is in the Wasted Territory, the guards are members of the Shrouded Clan.
  • It's impossible to get up to loot the bodies, although some of the dead bandits may fall down.
  • It's recommended to not bother exploring the Northern Wasteland right away because the majority of it is blocked right now and every enemy vehicle encountered will be armed.
  • It is possible to kill the Shrouded Bandits with the Settler Pistol, as when you aim down sight it has perfect accuracy.