“Hey, stranger, looking to make a little extra on the side?”
―Destinee, to Nicholas Raine

Destinee is a character featured in RAGE. She is a resident of Subway Town.

Upon speaking with her for the first time, she asks Nicholas Raine if he's looking for a work, and she will recommend that he go talk to Brick Johnson. She will also flirt with him in future interactions.

Her location changes as time progresses — when first arriving in Subway Town, she appears near the exit of Saul's Garage with a local worker. As the storyline progresses, she will later be seen in various locations on the upper level of the city.

She usually will comment in some way on Raine's progress when he returns to Subway Town and speaks to her after completing a mission that alters Subway Town in some way (such as Redstone being taken by the Authority for interrogation).


“You've been stirring up a lot of trouble for the Authority lately. Good for you!”
―Destinee, commenting on the player's actions.


  • Strangely enough, she can be spotted during the Prologue being interrogated by some Ghosts at the edge of their territory in the Wasteland during the ride from the Dam Facility to the Hagar Settlement. Why she is and how she got back to Subway Town is unknown.
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